- “我在這裡想序述Aaron  老師,我女兒Christina  與Aaron 老師學Level 10 harmony,Aaron 安排一堂課免費的幫我女兒,本計劃兩個小時,可是超過了近3個小時,過一些時候,又給我女兒一堂課,我都很尷尬接受免費的兩堂課,終於結束harmony課程,Aaron 又加一堂課從6-11pm,把我感動到不知如何形容他這個人。

我看見Aaron耐心反複的強調一些規則,一問再問測試女兒,反應緩慢的女兒常回答錯誤,Aaron卻一點也沒生氣,用不同方式解釋,直到女兒懂,看他有點疲累的身軀卻散發出愛學生的態度 ,我真的從沒看見過有這樣的老師,以前上harmony9 問老師,老師不耐煩因為剛解釋怎麼又問,不理會女兒,我寫這封信,最想要讓你們知道,Aaron 的善良和愛的行為。Christina 得到62分,雖不高,但這些分數都是來自Aaron 的心血。沒有他的付出,我想女兒可能又無法pass.


- “Grace has been learning theory in Richard’s class, and from the last a couple of months, I found that Richard is a professional, genuine and responsive teacher who is also taking extra personal time to help his students in need, he is also a great communicator! He is a great asset to the company. I wanted to congratulate the EURO music school for having a teacher like Richard! and we are happy that Grace is in his class :) Whenever people ask me where Grace learns music, I am always confident to speak highly about the Euromusic school and the teachers! “

-  I had been looking for a piano teacher who can motivate my son Sina to play piano until 2 years ago when we came to Euromusic centre, I was finally relieved from worrying. I am so fortunate that they arranged Mr.John Graham for him. Besides his professional background and a RCM examiner, he is very caring and knows how to deal with teenagers.EUROMUSIC has a high standard in teaching and I’m so grateful for their arrangement for my son.
~ Kathy Afshar

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