Markham Music Festival Gala Concert 2011

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Parents, teachers, sponsors and friends were all treated to a delightful afternoon of classical piano tunes at the Gala & Award Ceremony 2011 held on Saturday April 23rd, 2011  at the Markham Theatre for Performing Arts. All audience was very enthusiastic and spontaneous to the performances and the presentation.

Numerous awards including medals and trophies were handed out to class winners during the award presentation and every prize recipient walked away with joy and a sense of achievement. The highlight of the afternoon came when all trophy winners gathered on stage  for a group picture at the end of the ceremony. The five lucky prize draws brought the show to a climatic conclusion.

As in the past, we would like to extend our gratitude to our main sponsors. It is the active participation of our sponsors and the generous donations from friends and parents that allow us to continue this great local tradition and realize our mission of nurturing musical talents in our growing community, and the Markham Music Festival Committee is indeed grateful and appreciative for that as the festival would not have been possible without their generous support over the years.

This year, we were honoured by the presence of Mr. Michael Chan, MPP Markham-Unionville and Mr. Frank Scarpitti, Markham Mayor in support of our event. Also in the presence of our sixteenth anniversary event were Paul Rizzi (TD Canada Trust Branch Manager), James Lin (World Journal, Marketing Director), Anne Hui (Sing Tao Daily Marketing Manager) and George Wang (Fairchild Radio Production Manager). This year, the grand prize Markham Music Festival Trophy winner goes to Yiwei Yao.

We all at Markham Music Festival wish to extend our most sincere gratitude to all participating sponsors and donors of this great musical event for their continuing support and congratulate all winners of the MMF 2011 music competition.

Markham Music Festival 2012 is tentatively scheduled to run in April 2012. Winners from respective classes and/or categories will be invited to the Gala Concert and Award Ceremony 2012. Date and location will be announced later. Application and syllabus for MMF 2012 will be available by late October 2011.

Honour Roll of MMF 2011

Markham Music Festival Trophy: YiWei Yao
Petrof Trophy:  Aaron Chow
Artist Cup:  Ricker Choi
Tonoco Trophy:  Anson Hui
Kemble Trophy:  Lauren Esch
Concerto Trophy:  YiWei Yao
Sonata Trophy:  Tiffany Tse
Sonatina Trophy:  Jaclyn Wang
Bach Trophy:  Aaron Chow
Chopin Trophy:    Charrisa Vandikas, Albert Yin
Liszt Trophy: YiWei Yao (Senior), Arthur Tang (Junior)
Canadian Composer Trophy: Soojeong Oh, Charrisa Vandikas
French Music Trophy: Arthur Tang
Most Promising Trophy:   Remi Marchand, Vicky Kuo, Didi Xiong
Adjudicator's Choice::   Tian Wei Gao
Wittner Trophy:   Stephanie Yick
Concerto Award (8 years & under) : Cynthia Jiang, Richard Gao (1st)
Concerto Award (10 years & under) : Kevin Liu (1st), Hailey Ng (2nd)
Concerto Award (13 years & under) : Anson Hui(1st),Benjamin Choo(2nd)
Concerto Award (16 years & under) : Vicky Kuo (1st)
Concerto Award (Open) :   YiWei Yao (1st), Coral Solomon, Aaron Chow (2nd)
Age Achievement Award (8 years & under) :   Richard Gao (1st), Jenny Wu (2nd), Christopher Choo (3rd)
Age Achievement Award (10 years & under) : Kevin Liu (1st), Sunny Zhai, Allen Liu (2nd), Lauren Esch, Stephanie Zou (3rd)
Age Achievement Award (12 years & under) :   Anson Hui, Tiffany Tse (1st), Selene Tran, Justin Su (2nd)
Age Achievement Award (14 years & under) :   Didi Xiong (1st), Albert Yin (2nd),Rui Gao (3rd)
Age Achievement Award (16 years & under) :   Tian Wei Gao (1st), Nathan Kong (2nd),Soojeong Oh (3rd)
Age Achievement Award (18 years & under) :   Coral Solomon (1st)
Age Achievement Award (Open) :   Ricker Choi, YiWei Yao (1st), Aaron Chow (2nd)

Group picture of all trophy winners at the Gala

See you at Markham Music Festival 2012!

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