SM-70 D’Addario SolutionS METRONOME CU/CG Clear lucite caster cups: 2 3/4″ inside diameter (set of 3 for grand pianos). Black plastic caster cups: 1 1/2″ inside diameter (set of 4 for upright pianos). 845111 / 845161 Wittner German-made metronome in plastic casing without bell; available in black and mahogany colour.
This slowfall control device will enable lowering the heavy cover slowly and avoid any damage due to sudden slamming. Sudden slamming of the keyboard cover not only causes unexpected accidents, it also damages the piano’s  external framework. This little hydraulic-pressurized device has an expected open-and-shut life of 10,000times. Assuming an average use of twice a day, this little gadget could last for 10 years. XJ550-11 adjustable bench with vinyl button-top padding available in Black.